The Will of Geertje Van Vulpen

Geertje's will, dated December 1684, is listed in the papers of the notary Jan Becker [ERA 3:590] along with an addition of 1687 by her second husband, Steven Jansz Coninck, approving the arrangements.

The original of the will does not seem to exist but both Geertje's will and Steven Jansz's 'approbatie' were transcribed by A.J.F. van Laer and included in the 1930 Yearbook of the Dutch Settlers Society of Albany (DSSA Vol 6). Van Laer was the NY State Archivist for many years and may have made the transcript before the fire of 1911 during which many original documents were lost.

The reference to the land at Kinderhook made in an editorial note by Van Laer seems to be taken from ERA 2:238  (See Also ERA 2:201 Nov 1683)

1667/8 Gijsbert Cornelis[van der Hoeven?] along with Andries Hansen and Steven Koningh enters into contract of sale of land at Kinderhook with Janetje Powell(Widow of Thos Powell). Land is on north side of wagon road leading from the kill top the Spiegell. Steven Koningh completes the sale in 1684. (ERA 2:238)

The ownership of this land at Kinderhook indicates that the van Der Hoeven family were connected with this area at an early date.  The land within the Powell Patent may have been inherited by Geertje on the death of Gijsbert (her son) or possibly he, as the oldest son, had purchased it on behalf of the family.

Geertje says she is in her house and yet staying with her two daughters but, at this date, Elizabeth was married to Juriaen Calyer, had children and probably living at Kinderhook.

The island occupied by Marte Gerritsen probably refers to Castle Island.  This indicates that Geertje's house was well outside the southern boundary of the town of Albany.


Items in blue are AJF van Laer's interpretations.

DSSA. v.6 1930/1:5,

Will of Geertje Cornelis van Fulpen. 5th December 1684; before Jan Becker, notary public:

Geertje Cornelis van Fulpen [wv. Cornelis Gerbertsz. Van der Hoeven and separated from Steven Jansz. {Koning}], lying sick in bed, but being in full possession of her mind, memory and speech, as outwardly appeared .... and because she may still live and linger a long time without having sufficient means to be properly cared for and supported, although all her four children, namely Neeltje, [Elsje/]Elysabeth, Cornelis and Jan, offer to do for her all that honest children are bound to do for their mother, of her own free will, without persuasion or misleading by any one, (hereby disposes as follows)

Whereas the mother prefers to stay with her aforesaid two daughters as long as she pleases, and they also approve thereof, agreeing to do for their mother all that it is within their power and ability to do, therefore the mother desires that in compensation therefore they shall receive in advance all her movable furniture; all her other property she conveys from now on, as she does hereby, to her aforesaid children, namely the garden and lot obtained from Marten Hendryks Beeckman, the house at present occupied by her and her daughters, with the lot and further buildings and the garden which lies in front of the door, and all that appertains thereto, as it is now occupied and possessed by her.
Also the land lying at Kinderhook, obtained from Thomas Paul {Powell}; also two cows, in the possession of the aforesaid daughters. It is the mother's express wish that all further expenses which shall be incurred from now on for her benefit, whether during her lifetime or after her death, shall be borne and paid equally by her aforesaid four children.
the mother declares to be her will and desire ...and has signed this with her own hand [Xmark] at her house standing opposite the island occupied by Mr. Marten Gertzen. [Gerritsen {Van Bergen}]

I, J. Becker, notary aforesaid, declare that I informed them that they must give notice of this conveyance of the real estate at the secretary's office within the period of six months.
Gave them a copy.
This is the + mark of Geertie Cornelis van Fulpe
Witnesses: Marten Gertsen {Van Bergen}
Pieter [Everhardusz.] Bogardus

N.B. On the 29th of December of the same year, early in the morning, the aforesaid Geertie Cornelis van Fulpen died.

29th Sept. 1687. Jan Becker, Notary Public. Consent by Steven Koninck.

Know all men whom it may concern that I, the undersigned, Steven Koningh [Xmark], residing at Schanechte [Schenectady], former husband of Geertie Cornelis van Fulpen, deceased, approve and accept and without any objection shall henceforth and forever acquiesce in and hold valid her last will, executed on the 5th of December 1684 (except the land at Kinderhoeck, obtained from Thomas Paul {Powell} and that I fully and completely relinquish all further claims as to lands, buildings and personal estate mentioned in her will, desiring that it shall take effect (but without prejudice to the lord's right); promising that I shall neither now nor hereafter do anything or allow anything to be done contrary thereto, ..........

Signed, sealed and delivered to Cornelis van der Hoef [Cornelisz. Cornelis. {Van der Hoeven}] 's wife [Metje Beeckman]
in our presence:
Willem Teller
Jan Herrys {John Harris} X mark.


(Notes by Van Laer: [extract] Steven Jansen Koninck or Coningh {Koning}, was a master carpenter, who with his wife and daughter came to Rensselaerswyck in July 1649 (VRB:839). In articles of separation from his wife, dated Dec. 29, 1663, his wife's name is given as Maria Goossens. (ERA. v3:263).  Geertje Cornelis van Fulpen, therefore was his second wife, from whom he seems to have been separated also. By Maria Goossens he had a son, Jan Stevensen, who on Dec. 18, 1661, at the age of 12, as apprenticed to Cornelis Theunissen Hoogeboom (ERA. v.3:138).

On Sept. 6, 1684, Steven Jansen Coningh obtained from Jannetje Powell [alias: Donckes {Duncan}], widow of Thomas Powell, a deed for 1/3 of a parcel of woodland behind the Kinderhook. (ERA. v.2:238)

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