The Vanderhoof Project is a group of family historians with a common interest in the Vanderhoof family of America and the Netherlands. We hope to provide resources for Vanderhoof genealogy, links to existing research and bring together the branches of the worldwide Vanderhoof family.

The Project has a Facebook Group which anyone is welcome to join.  There is also an archive of posts to the Rootsweb Vanderhoof email list.

The project acknowledges with grateful thanks the contributions of many Vanderhoof researchers whose work has enabled this website to be published. 

Entry from the Schepen's Court of Beesd from 1651. The earliest manuscript record of the surname used by the our van der Hoeven/Vanderhoof family.  The entry reads Cornelis Gijsbetsen vander Hoeven man van Guertgen Cornelis van velpen




Debit entry from the WIC accounts showing the amounts owed by Geertje Cornelis(van Vulpen) and ther six children for th passage to America.

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