Jan Cornelis

Jan Cornelis van der Hoeven was probably the youngest son of Cornelis Gijsbertsen  and Geertje Cornelis [van Vulpen] van der Hoeven as his two brothers, Gijsbert and Cornelis, were presumably named for their paternal and maternal grandfathers.   It is not known for whom Jan was named - possibly for his grandfather's brother, Jan Dircksen Van Vulpen, an elder of the Beesd Reformed Church who may have supported the family after their father's death.  It is His descendants are by far the most numerous of the Vanderhoof lines.

Jan first appears in the Albany records in February 1681 when he is mentioned in the Albany Court minutes in connection with the case of the death of Hendrick Gerritsen at Valatie.  Jan had a connection with several  Kinderhook families and it may have been his home until he moved into Albany in the early 1680's.

Jan first appears in the Albany Reformed Church records in 1683 when he is mentioned in the list of members. His wife, Dorothy Jans, is not listed but, next to Jan, is a Marietje Jans. It's possible that there is a mistake in the record here and that her forename is incorrectly recorded.

Jan's occupation is not clear but he was probably involved with transportation and delivery of goods and merchandise possibly working with his brother Cornelis, who was an official carman of Albany and owner of a sloop transporting goods between Albany and New York. Jan had connections with other men involved in river transport. He sues for non-payment of a delivery of shoes in 1684 and some researchers have argued that this may indicate that he was a shoemaker.

His signature of 10 May 1681 is in a good, fluent hand which indicates literacy and education and is the earliest existing signature of a member of the family in America.

1648/50 Jan is born, probably in Beesd

1661 Jan travels to Nieuw Amsterdam on the Bever

1660's Other members of his family are mentioned in the Albany records.

1680/1 Feb (CMA3:74-80, 93, 94) Jan makes a deposition to the Court at Albany in the case of the mysterious disappearance of Hendrick Gerritsen. Jan is travelling from Pompoenik to the Groot Stuck[Kinderhook] by sleigh with passengers which include a drunken Hendrick Gerritsen[van der Meulen]. They stop at Valatie where the road crosses the kill and, after some discussion, Jan and party continue to Groot Stuck. Hendrick Gerritsen wanders off and is later found dead. The Court Minutes of Albany carry a detailed description of the incident.

1681 June 10 (ERA 3:518) Jan leases a house from Annetie Schaets 'lying near the church' for four years, 1681 to 84. He signs the lease, 'Jan cornelisse vanderhoef'.

New York State Archives : Notarial Papers 2 Page 346 : Papers of Notary Adriaen van Ilpendam

This rental agreement is dated 10 June 1681, the day after Anneke was 'sent' to New York to be with her husband Thomas Davitsz Kikebull/bell (CMA 3:120,144) Thomas Davitsz is mentioned in the Journal of Jasper Danckaerts as the skipper of the boat that Danckerts took to Albany on 20 April 1680. (JJD:197)

By 19 July 1681, Anneke is back in Albany for, on that day, Thomas Davitsz petitions the court to allow him to return to NY with his wife as her father has refused to allow him to be reconciled to her.

On 1 August 1682, Thomas Davitsz and Anneke together buy a house and lot opposite the church belonging to Gerrit Visbeek (ERA 2: 162) and then sell the property the same day (ERA2:164). This house is located on the corner of Broadway and Staats Alley(BWK : 433) - directly opposite the church door and at the SW corner of what is known as the 'Exchange Block'. It is possible that this refers to the property rented by Jan Cornelis.

c1682 Jan's marriage to Dorothea Jansz[Calyer?]. He is aged 32/34 and rather old for a first marriage.

1683 August 6 (CMA 3 : 372) Offers to pay 1 Piece of Eight towards the cost of the new minister, Dominie Delius. The list of contributors are described as 'burghers' and he is not grouped with those living north of the town.

1683 (AML) Jan is listed as a member of the Albany DRC along with other members of his family. The preceding entry is for a Maria Jans, possibly a relative of his wife or a mistranscription of his wife's name. A Maria Jans witnesses the baptism of his son, Johannes in 1685.

1683 Sep 16 (ABR) His first child is baptised at the Albany Church and named for both his paternal and maternal grandfathers. One witness is Juriaen Calyer, husband of Jan's sister, Elizabeth. Geertje[van Vulpen] presents her grandson for baptism. The entry reads

Cornelis, of Jan Van der Hoeve. Wit.: the father, Jurriaan Caillardt. By Geertruy Cornelisz.

1683/4 Court Session 10 March (CMA 3 : 430) Jan is in arrears with taxes and ordered to pay 1 Florin. He is named as van der Hoeff.

1684 Court Session 1 April (CMA 3: 434)
Jan sues Jan Spoor for non-payment of shoes delivered. The Court orders Spoor to pay 12 guilders in beavers plus expenses. Some have argued that this indicates that he was a shoemaker but there is no other evidence that he engaged in this trade. 12 guilders suggests that several pairs of shoes were involved and, possibly, he delivered rather than made them.

1684 June 30 (ERA 3:573)
Jan, together with Albert Rykman, witnesses the sale of a sloop, Royal Oak, from Meus Pietersen Hoogeboom to Hendrick Abelson and Nanning Harmensen. He signs 'Jan vander oeve'. There are connections between Jan and Albert Rykman in later years and Albert witnesses the baptism of some of Jan's children. The Royal Oak and its owners are not in the list of vessels clearing new York in that year (VNHR 1684) so may have been involved only on local journeys. However, Meus Hoogeboom is mentioned as the skipper of the boat used by Jasper Donckaerts for his journey to Albany on 15 April 1680. (JJD p189) and this may well be the same vessel.

New York State Archives : Notarial Papers 2 Page 492 : Papers of Notary Adriaen van Ilpendam

1684 (Deacons Accounts in MC 1 : 46) Jan Andries Douw and Jan Vanderhoef are paid 30g for work done in connection with a house owned by the church. The actual work is not described in the accounts but may have been in connection with delivery or transportation as Jan Andries Douw sold his share of a boat in the autumn of 1684 (CMA 3:482/9) and was appointed as carman in Dec 1684 (CMA 3:489).   Andries Douw made several journeys between Albany and New York during 1684 in the vessel 'John' (VNHR1684)  Jan's brother, Cornelius, was also a carman and ship owner at this time.

1684 December 29 Death of Jan's mother, Geertje van Vulpen. Jan is mentioned in her will.

1685 May 9 (ABR) Johannes, of Jan Cornelisz Van der Hoeven. Wit.: Jonge Jan. By Maria Jansz.

1686/7 Nov 7 (ABR) Frans, of Henderik Franse Clauw. Wit.: Frans Pietersz Clauw, Jan Cornelisz Van der Hoeven. By Neeltje Van der Hoeve. Hendrick is the son of Frans Pietersz Clauw is (The 'Child of Luxury') a carpenter of Kinderhook who had a sawmill on Mill Creekk (see JJD p210)

1688 Jan 10 Jan's brother, Cornelis, is buried (ERA 3: 606)

1688 March 29 (ABR) Geertruy, of Jan Van der Hoeve. Wit.: Johannes Mingaal. By Tryntje Rykman. [dau. of Albert Rykman]

1688 Aug 25 (ABR) Johannes, of Cornelis Van der Hoeve (decd). Wit.: Johannes Van der Hoeve. By Cornelia Cailljer.

1689 Oct 27 (ABR) Maria, of Lucas Lucasz. Wit.: Helmer Jansz. By Dorethee Jansz[Jan's wife].

1692 January 20 Gysbert, of Jan Van der Hoeven and Dorethe Jansz. Wit.: Antoni Bries, Maria Mingaal. Anthoni Bries is the son of Hendrick Bries, fellow passenger on De Bever

1693 Oct 14 (AA 2 : 26) Jan is appointed Constable of Albany. The appointment was made yearly and he does not appear before or after this date. He is possibly appointed for the second ward judging by the order of listing in other years.

1694 Dec 9 (ABR) Isaak and Jacob, twins of Jan Van der Hoeve and Dorethe Jansz. Wit.: Lucas Lucasz, Marietje Bries, Albert Rykman, Marietje Jansz.

c1696 Moves to Bergen, possibly via New York, as he and Dorothy Jans are listed as members of the New York Reformed Church in 1697. 'Jan van der Hoeven, en syn huysvr. Dorothea [bracket for both] met Attest. van N. Albanien' (NYML 1697)

1696 May 22 (BR) A son of Johannes vander Oeven and Doreta Jans, Hendrick, born 22 May bp 25 May at Bergen wit: Gerrit Juriaensen, Catreyna Gerrits, wife of Gerrit Steynmets (6thson and seventh child)

1700 Jan 7/Apr 2 (BR) Birth/Baptism of son, Abraham, at Bergen (7thson and eighth child) The separate birth date and baptism date on this page probably relates to the same child.

Jan van Der Oeven Dorete Jans, Abraham bp Apr 2 Wit: Gerrit Gerritse Jr and Neisje Pieters, his wife. [Niesje was dau of Pieter Marcelis of Beesd who also travelled on De Bever]

1705 July 12/Oct 8 (BR) Birth Baptism of Gerrit, (8thson and ninth child).

Jan van der Oeven, Dorete Jans, Gerrit wit: Beeltje Dircks [wife of Dirck Jansen van Oosten of Beesd] and Mercelis Pieters [son of Pieter Marcelis of Beesd]

[The numbering of the sons in the Bergen baptism record is incorrect for Abraham and Gerrit.]

This is the last record of Jan Cornelis and his wife Dorothy. Their first son, Cornelis was born in 1683 and their last in 1705 (22 years later) Jan would have been aged around 55 in 1705 and presumably Dorothy in her 40's. Some researchers have argued that Jan may have had an earlier marriage and other children before 1682. Jan's date and place of death are not known and records for the period give no information about his last years. His children seem to move westwards from Bergen before 1720 and some are located near Hackensack and Lodi by the 1730's. Gijsbert, Jacob and Isaac are in Montville by 1734.