Elizabeth is the only one of the children of Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven and Geertje[van Vulpen] for whom a baptism record has been found. Her baptism is recorded in the register of the Reformed Church of Tuil(Tuijl) on 12 September 1647.

 Tuil is a small town about 10km south of Beesd on the River Waal.  An old waterway connected Tuil with the Linge near Beesd and Marienwaerdt so the journey would have been straightforward . Why the family baptised Elizabeth in Tuil is not known although there are several circumstantial connections between Beesd/Marienwaerdt and the Town of Tuil.  The entry reads:

"Den 12 Sept[ember] Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven, en Geertjen Cornelis van Vulpen, zijn Huijsvrouwe hebben haer kind laten doopen genaemt Lysbet".

As we know the approximate date of Elizabeth's birth, she must be the child aged 13 listed in the Bever passenger list (compiled in May 1661)making her the second youngest of the children.


As one the youngest of the children, Elizabeth would have remained in the care of her mother and older brothers when they reached Albany.  The family acquired and in Kinderhook around 1667 as had the Calyer family who were also landowners in the area.  Elizabeth married Juriaen Calyer around 1667 (aged about 20) and their first child, Jochem was born about 1668  

Andrew Provost's Book 'The Early Settlers of Bushwick' devotes a large section to the History of the Calyer family and describes Juriaen's life in detail.

Juriaen Calyer was born in Manhattan about 1643 and moved to Kinderhook as a young man, taking up a career in carpentry and shipbuilding. he was joined there by his brother Michael and the brothers later owned significant amounts of land in the Kinderhook area.   Juriean was a close associate of Andries Hansen Scherp and the van der Hoeven brothers and they appear together in a number of Albany records.  For more detail , see the references to Cornelis  and Jan.

Juriaen Calyer and Elizabeth are recorded as members of the Albany Reformed church and mentioned in a number of baptismal records there.  In 1683 Juriaen contributed towards the salary  of Dominie Delius and in 1683, the Deacons' accounts record payment for the 'small pall' presumably for the burial of a child.

In 1689, Juriaen disposed of his lands in Kinderhook and moved to Bushwick, Long Island where two of his daughters were married in 1692.  He is mentioned in the Bushwick records but moved to  Gowanus Bay in South Brooklyn at some point before 1704.  The last record of Juriaen  is of his house in Gowanus in 1709  - by this time he would have been about 65.

Unfortunately, there are few records directly relating to Elizabeth (see below) but she seems to have lived at least until 1702.  The children of Juriaen Calyer and Elizabeth van der Hoeven :

For further discussion of Juriaen Calyer's family, see  'The Early Settlers of Bushwick'  and Pat Wardell's research


12 September 1647  Baptised at the Reformed Church of Tuil, Gelderland

May- July 1661 Travels to New Netherland aboard De Bever

About 1638 marries Juriaen Callyer - probably at the Albany church. Lives in Kinderhook until about 1690

1683 Sep 16(ABR) Probably present at the baptism of at the Albany Church of her brother Jan's first child,  Cornelis .  Juriaen Calyer, husband of Elizabeth is a witness and Geertje[van Vulpen] presents her grandson for baptism. The entry reads

Cornelis, of Jan Van der Hoeve. Wit.: the father, Jurriaan Caillardt. By Geertruy Cornelisz.

5th December 1684 mentioned in the will of her mother, Geertje van Vulpen

1687 Listed as a member of the Albany Dutch Reformed Church

June 10 1688 Baptismal sponsor of a child of Dirk van der Kerre (Benoni van Corlar is the grandson of Dominie Schaets)

June 10. Janneke, of Dirk Van der Kerre. Wit.: Benoni Van Corlar. By Lysbeth Cailjer

19 May 1689 Baptism of daughter Dorothea at the Albany Dutch Church

Dorethee, of Jurriaan Cailljer. Wit.: Jan Corn Oeff. By Cornelia Cailljer.

1702 Baptismal sponsor for a child of Catherine van Gunst at the New York Dutch Church