Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven

The patronymics of the three sons of Geertje indicate that their father's name had been Cornelis and,  as the probable oldest of the three sons was named Gijsbert, presumably for his paternal grandfather, it was likely that the father of the family, who had died in the Netherlands before the voyage, was named Cornelis Gijsbertsen. Other Albany sources revealed that that Geertje and her sons, Cornelis and Jan, adopted the surname Van Der Hoeven and that they used a number of phonetic variant spellings of this name.   Geertje uses her presumed maiden name of Van Fulpen(ffulpen) in her will of 1684.  

A number of clues in the American records point to the family's origins in Beesd

1. The WIC debit record for Gertje and her children which records that she is 'of Beesd'. She travels with a party of 37 people from Beesd, organised by Huijgh Barents de Kleyn - a former schepen of Beesd.  The directors of the WIC write to Peter Stuyvesant commending Huijgh Barents and asking him to help the party from Beesd as much as they can.

2. The marriage of Adrientje van Vulpen(Geertje's sister)  to Jacob Joosten [van Covelens] in Kingston in 1662. Adrientje Cornelis "of Beesd" is recorded as a passenger on the voyage of De Bever.  The name of Adrientje's first husband given in the Kingston records matches those of the  sister of Geertje in the Beesd schepen's court.  Jacob Joosten is an associate of Dominie Schaets.

1662 19 Sep Jacob Joosten, jm, of Raagh on the Moesel (Moselle), in Duyslant [Germany] Precentor [of the Church] and Schoolmaster here [in Wiltwyck, now Kingston], and Arriaentjen Verschuer,  of Welpe in Gelderlant (Gelderkand), widow of Marckes  Leendersen, resid. at Fort Oranje [Fort Orange now Albany]. Married at Fort Orangje. Banns published in Wiltwyck: fist 6 Aug; second 13 Aug;  third 20 Aug." 
( Baptismal & Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, 1660-1809, Transcribed & Edited by Roswell Randall Hoes.)

The couple baptised a child, Neeltjen, at Kingston in 1663 where she is identified as 'Van Wolpen'  Jacob Joosten is recorded a few times in the Kingston and Albany records as court messenger, schoolteacher, precentor official and taxpayer. 

3. Links with other passengers on de Bever - especially Huijgh Barents de Kleyn, Hendrick Bries and Peter Marselis - and with Dominie Schaets who would have been well-known to the van Vulpen family. Jan Cornelis keeps in contact with the Marselis famliy and is living near them in Brgen in the ealy 1700's..

Van Der Hoeven in Beesd

The register of church members of Beesd 1644-1687 shows that Geurtgen Cornelis, widow of Cornelis Gijsbertsen, was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Beesd in 1656. In 1659 Jantgen Cornelis, daughter of Cornelis Gijsbertsen, is also recorded as a church member.

The registers of deeds of the court of aldermen(Schepen) of Beesd and Rhenoy 1634-1661 mentioned a Cornelis Gijsbertsen as an alderman of Beesd in the years 1637, 1639-1640, 1642-1648 and 1650-1651. Land transactions, wills and other legal contacts had to be witnessed by aldermen, and Cornelis Gijsbersen's name appears in court records for these years, as do the names of members of the Van Vulpen family.  There are several deeds showing that  a Cornelis Gijsbertsen, bought and sold property in Beesd during the period 1643-1651.   A Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven is mentioned in two deeds and, in one, he is desribed as the husband of Guertgen Cornelis van Vulpen.

10 April 1651
Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven, husband of Guertgen Cornelis van Velpen, and Gerrit Cornelissen van Velpen, together transfer to Jan Aertsen Spaen their share in 4 morgen of meadow-land, situated in Beesd, in Nijland. Rechterlijk Archief van Beesd en Rhenoij(RABR, Bk. 201, fol. 49

25 September 1651
Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven transfers to Dirck Anthonissen Castelijn a house and yard, situated in Beesd, at the Oosteind (adjacent above Cornelis Willemsen Schipper and below Evert Ceelis. RABR Bk. 201, fol. 68

In 1644 a man called Cornelis Gijsbersen van Hagenstyen had bought a house and yard in Beesd on the north side of the Steenstraat.  Later on, in 1651, as the entry above shows, Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven sold a house and yard in Beesd at the Oosteind.  The Oosteind is situated on the north side of the Steenstraat (the eastern end of the present Voorstraat), so the events of 1644 and 1651 could very well concern the same house. This possibility is supported by the fact that a man called Cornelis Willemsen (Schipper) was a neighbour in both years.  If this were true, Cornelis Gijsbersen van Hagenstyen and Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven could well be the same person and it is possible that Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven was also known as  "van Hagestyen" because he (or his ancestors) came from the nearby village of Hagestein.

The only other mention of the couple is in the baptismal entry for their daughter, Lijsbet at Tuil on 12 September 1647

Gedoopt 12 Sept. Lijsbet, dochter van Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven, en van Geertje Cornelis van Vulpen, zijn huijsvrouw. (Doepregister Tuil)

It is possible that Cornelis Gijsbertsen, the schepen of Beesd and Cornelis Gijsbertsen van der Hoeven were the same person, but this is by no means certain and there are good arguments on both sides of the debate.


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