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Notes about the Westervelt and Vanderhoof families of Webster, Monroe Co, NY. Uploaded by Terry 17 March 2018

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 Descendants of HENRY VANDRUFF (c. 1750 - 1815) of Greene County, Pennsylvania Compiled by Gerald D. Hobson March 2011 . Click here to view
 The earliest known member of this Vandruff family living in America was Henry, who is buried on private property in Greene County, Pennsylvania, along with his second wife, Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). He had four children with his first wife, whose identity is unknown, and three children with his second wife, Elizabeth. Henry’s origins are unknown, and while some family lore has indicated he was Dutch, research into early Dutch records has failed to reveal any spelling of the name “Vandruff.” The nearest logical choice is “Vanderhoof” and since there are very many such names in early Dutch records in New Jersey and New York, it does seem like a distinct possibility. Early census takers were not the best spellers, and a foreign-sounding name could easily have been misinterpreted. Henry’s descendants spread to many corners of America.

Henry’s eldest son, James remained in Greene County and is buried there, also on private property, with his wife, Nancy Hickman Vandruff. Henry’s second eldest son, Joshua, moved to Illinois and settled on an island in the Rock River which is still known as Vandruff’s Island. He traded with the Sac Indains living in the area, and is often cited as the instigator of the Black Hawk Indian War because he sold whiskey to the Indians, which enraged their chief, Black Hawk. Other descendants settled in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, and Canada. Many of Henry’s descendants served in the CivilWar, and virtually every other conflict since.

Hopefully, someone, some day will be able to definitely determine Henry’s origins. Meanwhile, identification of his descendants is an ongoing effort.

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 Descendants of Richard Vanderhoof (c1788-1863)of Jasper County, Illinois. Compiled by Pam Vannoy. Click here to view

Albert Vanderhoof, son of Albert and Nancy Vanderhoof was born 2 Apr 1815 in New York City, New York, NY and died 7 Feb 1891, Winthrop, Suffolk, MA. He married Mary Ann Lynch, daughter of Ann (Watson) Lynch. She was born 9 May 1817 in Paterson, Passaic, NJ and died 22 Mar 1901 in Everett, Middlesex, MA of They are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA.  Compiled by Crystal Orton.

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