Wilson V. Ledley's History of the Vanderhoof Family

The most significant piece of research on the Vanderhoof family was carried out during the 1950's by Wilson V. Ledley and published in 1959 as 'New Netherlands Families. The Vanderhoof Family : The First Five Generations'

Ledley used the section on the Vanderhoof family in 'Early Settlers of Bushwick', by Andrew Provost , which deals mainly with Calyer Family, as his starting point but adds a substantial amount of new information. Ledleys 1959 research is a useful resource, but contains a number of assumptions and connections which have been proved incorrect by later research. Ledley himself acknowledged this in his 1969 revision.

The complete document can be ordered from Salt Lake City through a local LDS Family History Library. Film # 61651

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Wilson Ledley revised his work during the 1960's to incorporate new information and made significant changes to his original work. A draft of this revision was in its final stages by 1969 but was never completed or published. A typescript copy of this 1969 draft version is held by Rutgers University Special Collections.

Wilson V. Ledley

Wilson Van Doren Ledley was born 12 June 1913 in New York State - son of Charles Wilson Ledley and Mary E Ledley. Charles W. Ledley was from Maryland but seems to have lived in Essex County, NJ around 1918 where he worked as a schoolteacher.

Wilson Ledley was both Secretary and President of the Holland Society at different times in the 1950s/60's and carried out substantial research into the families of New Netherlands during this time.

Wilson Ledley gave a New Hampshire address at the time of the publication of his book on the Van Doren family in 1972 and died at St Augustine, Florida on 13 August 1978. He is buried in the St Augustine National Cemetery and the record there shows he served in the US Army 1935-49 and reached the rank of Lt Colonel.

In the 1950's Wilson Ledley wrote a comprehensive history of the Vanderhoof family 'The Vanderhoof Family: The First Five Generations.' The typescript original of this work, dated 1959, is held by the Holland Society and was microfilmed by them. Ledley later agreed for the LDS to make this film available via their Family History Library.

The last published work by Ledley was his book on the Van Dorens in 1972 a copy of which is available on the Ancestry.com site.

A fellow Vanderhoof researcher has an original of a letter from Wilson Ledley to her cousin, John Vanderhoof (then Governor of Colorado), in the mid 1970s. In his letter he stated he had re-thought his original document and was getting ready to finalize an updated Vanderhoof history.

A copy of this revised Vanderhoof history dated 1969 is held by Rutgers University in their Special Collections but, because this is considered an unpublished draft, copyright restrictions apply.

As a result of access to many documents relating to New Netherlands and many years of diligent research, Wilson Ledley was able to produce a wonderful resource for Vanderhoof researchers for which we owe him an immense debt of gratitude.

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